We work with sports governing bodies, clubs and individual athletes to develop the skills players need to build in order to support their post playing career

As an elite or professional athlete, life can be thrilling and rewarding. It can also be unpredictable, which means that athletes need to plan for their post-playing careers NOW!

Additionally commenting on his research, Abertay University's Professor David Lavallee says:

“Athletes who study for a second career off the pitch are better performers on the pitch”.

Professor Lavallee’s research evidence supports the work we do with athletes as it shows that athletes who have interests outside of sport and plan for their retirement whilst they are still competing can perform better and be retained for longer.

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For elite and professional athletes, we can help you to plan your career transition so that you are prepared for life after sport. The work we do with current professional athletes tells us that the high performers are already making transition plans.

Planning helps you to identify the match between your interests, motivations and strengths and how to connect these with post-sport job opportunities.

Any identified skills gaps can be supported and developed with our suite of learning programmes including leadership and commercial skills development programmes. In addition, our ancillary services, such as access to our team of Sports Psychologists, can provide performance improvement techniques, spiritual & well being support and cognitive behavioural and emotional techniques to help with adjustment to life after sport.

Nick Haining

Scotland international rugby union player who completed the programme while playing for Edinburgh

“I really enjoyed the programme. It gave me the tools and the confidence in taking the next important steps towards building my career path for life after professional rugby. Karen and David were really supportive and always there to answer any questions I had with the content.”  


“After completing the course, I feel confident and excited about the next stage of my life. My transition was always this daunting prospect on the horizon. Now I feel like it is something I am in control of and I have some great clarity and direction in terms of what it is I want to do and what I need to do to get there”.


Nic Groom

South African rugby union player who completed the programme while playing as a scrum-half and team captain for Edinburgh in the Pro14.​




Firstly laying a strong foundation of understanding directly with players through our ACT programme (Athlete Career Transition Programme) and thereafter we can deliver workshops and 1:1 sessions that ensure athletes currently playing at the top of their game and those aspiring to do so are as prepared as they need to be for their next career – it is quite genuinely never too early to start … don’t let it be too late for you or your players.


Our programmes include:

ACT – The Curriculo Foundation Programme - find out more.

Career Planning - Workshops and 1:1 sessions.

Personal Development Planning - Workshops and 1:1 sessions.

Effective Communication and Professional Networking Skills - Workshops and 1:1 sessions.

Technique and coaching - Workshop and 1:1 Sessions.

Career Coaching ­ - 1:1 sessions.

Business Coaching Workshops for Mentorship Programme.

Professional Selling Skills.

Key Account Management Skills.

Leadership Programme Emerging Leaders - for new and aspiring leaders - face to face or online workshops plus e-learning modules - find out more.

Essential Skills for 21st Century Leaders - People, Change and Negotiation - face to face or online, this programme uncovers some of the challenges for people managers.

Decision Making and Problem Solving.

Managing Difficult Conversations classroom or online. 

Presentation Skills – classroom based.

Sports Psychology - 1:1 or team based sessions.

Plus various other short courses. 

Our approach

We will work with you to ensure that we fully understand your needs or the needs of your players and your desired outcome. We will then provide you with a full proposal and once we have your agreement and sign off we will initiate the delivery.

We prefer to adopt a blended methodology, and use self-directed e-learning together with online workshops and face to face practical sessions – how we do this will of course be up to you.

Athlete Career Transition Programme Find Out More
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Preparing for life ‘after the game’

Build your post sport career plan with the right networks, the right experiences, the right skills and the right qualifications.


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