For leaders who desire to set the leadership culture within their team, department or the wider organisation

Course Introduction


Course Information

The Curriculo Solutions Leading with Harmony, Purpose & Values Programme (HPV) offers training support for managers/leaders looking to take their leadership to the next level and those with a desire or need to set the leadership culture within their team, department or the wider organisation.

The course consists of two workshops (Modules) and the overall aim is to help learners to engage with leadership research to raise their levels of leadership knowledge, raise self-awareness and inform their leadership practice. Ultimately, the programme will produce personal insights which will act as a catalyst for re-invigorating or introducing the case for authentic leadership based on achieving harmony while delivering their organisations objectives and adhering to value sets.

Key learning points include;

  • Defining Harmony Leadership

  • Analyse and critique of Leadership Time and Context models & how they relate to research theories

  • Analyse and critique different approaches to leadership as Person, Results, Process or Position

  • Understand the potential impact (Limitations & Possibilities) of different leadership approaches

  • Use critical reflective learning to refocus your personal leadership compass

  • Recognise leadership power and the relationship aspect of being a leader

  • Develop personal & organisational approaches to align values with key leadership practices of Modelling, Inspiring, Challenging, Enabling and Encouraging

  • Understand the importance of relationships with followers

  • Reflect on your ‘preferred’ leadership style and be able to act with intentionality to achieve Harmony Leadership

  • Improve your leadership communication through feedback, disclosure and awareness of Transactional Analysis

  • The role of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

This programme is ideally delivered as a class based event over two intensive days or three days to suit your requirements.

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