Training support to help those interested in or tasked with managing and leading change

Course Introduction


Course Information

The Curriculo Solutions Essential skills for 21st Century leaders,- People, Change and Negotiation offers training support to help those interested in or tasked with managing and leading change.

Theories and processes are important but success is dependant upon change agents having well developed self-awareness, and leadership and soft-skills abilities.

Key learning points include;

  • ‘Bringing Leadership to life’ - understanding basic theories of leadership and how they relate to time and context. Understanding of how to adapt personal leadership style to suit a variety of situations & communicating effectively as a leader

  • 'Haggling and Negotiating' – What’s the difference? Understanding what negotiation is AND is not. Introduction to a process / model for negotiation. ‘Building & maintaining rapport – a foundation for every successful negotiation’.  The language of negotiation -“If you want a Guinea Pig then you start by asking for a Pony”.

  • 'Personal insights from a change agent' - types of change experienced in business. Review of key change theories and models. Managing and leading change – basic but important insights’. 'Cracking the code of change – people matter most’

This programme can be delivered as a remote event over 3 seperate days involving 1 x 2 hour plenary session morning of each day plus 2 x 2 hour sessions in theafternoon via MSTeams / Google Meetings or can be delivered as a class based event over three days.

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