The Curriculo Solutions Negotiation Skills Programme gives learners the fundamental skills, behaviours and process elements needed to plan, manage and confidently deliver negotiations.

'Haggling and Negotiating' – What’s the difference? Understanding what negotiation is AND is not. Introduction to a process / model for negotiation. ‘Building & maintaining rapport – a foundation for every successful negotiation’.  

Course Introduction


Negotiation Skills key learning

This is a bespoke course designed to meet your personal needs or the needs of your team.

Learn with us independently with our online self-directed programme or contact us to arrange for your team to work with one of our experienced trainers. Here are the main key learning areas you can expect to cover:

  • Defining Negotiation

  • The five negotiation strategies relative to degree of assertiveness and degree of cooperation

  • A model for negotiating - A five step process model

  • Understand the goals of each step of the model and skills required

  • Recognising the games people play in negotiations

  • Understanding the impact of 'social styles' on negotiations

  • Team negotiations

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We can support you to develop this competence across your teams

We offer you two ways to introduce negotiation skills - Have a read below. 

Self Directed Learning - an introduction to Negotiation Skills

Using the Curriculo Learning Management System, participants can follow our simple online learning programme and can complete the programme anytime, any where on phone, tablet or computer.

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Table Discussions
Negotiation Skills for team leaders and managers - classroom based 2 or 3 day

Participants will learn how to use the........



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