Coaching Skills - an essential part of your leadership and management toolkit

Creating a coaching culture in your organisation is one of the most effective ways of maintaining and improving individual and team performance to ensure that your goals, objectives or Key Performance Indicators are met or exceeded


Coaching Culture

Having managers & leaders trained in coaching skills and focussed on creating a coaching culture means that regular discussions are conducted to help employees to get better at what they are doing - be that selling, administration, operations, processes or behavioural requirements. Ultimately, this positively impacts on goal achievement.


Encourage Personal Responsibility

Coaching encourages employees to take responsibility for their own performance which means that Key Performance Indicators, goals and objectives become personalised. High levels of employee engagement not only improves capabilities but also the retention of good employees.

We can support you to develop this competence across your teams

We offer you three ways to introduce coaching - Have a read below. 

Self Directed Learning - As an introduction to coaching

Using the Curriculo Learning Management System, participants can follow our simple course structure to learn more about the skills of coaching and understand the benefits of coaching in the workplace. Participants will be introduced to a model for coaching and understand how to set up and conduct a coaching session using the GROW model.

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Coaching for team leaders and managers - classroom based 2 or 3 day

Participants will learn how to use the coaching model and how introduce coaching and run a coaching session. They will actively participate in class based coaching scenarios with their peers and will learn how to apply the coaching model, how to self-assess coaching skills and give and receive feedback.


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Training the Trainer coaching - classroom based learning 2 or 3 days

Perhaps your business has a team of internal trainers? We can 'coach the coaches' - essentially, training your trainers around coaching and then giving them the skills and tools to roll out coaching training across the organisation.

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Course Introduction


Key learning

  • Understand what coaching is and is not

  • Understand the difference between mentoring and coaching and the benefits

  • Identifying the context for coaching

  • Application of a coaching model and required skills

  • Establishing a coaching culture

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