Skills Development for 10-14 year olds


Enhance your curriculum, address national targets and give your pupils a head start with the Curriculo Introduction to Skills for Work Programme.

The Introduction to Skills for Work ( ISFW) is a programme, designed by teachers for teachers, and focused on developing the self-awareness of pupils skills and strengths. Click below to hear what Emily and Ava have to say about it.


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It is focused on developing the knowledge, skills and attitudes that give young people an early insight into how they can connect with the world of work.

‘I learned what I need to gain employment and what others see in me’ - pupil feedback


The ISFW programme, should be the first step on your pupils journey. 

Skills for Work

Help young pupils understand the meaning of skills and strengths and how they relate to work providing an early understanding of what is required above literacy and numeracy.

Bright Future

Preparing young people for the world of work allowing them to prepare for their future with knowledge and understanding of what is required.

Strong Foundations


This work will lay the foundations for further development in secondary and tertiary education.

Encourages Reluctant Learners

Addressing the needs of the curriculum by developing valuable skills alongside literacy and numeracy - encouraging the more reluctant learners.

Keeps Pupils Interested

Engaging content which keeps pupils interested.


Easy to use

Easy to integrate and implement - everything is provided.

Provides everything but you

This programme provides everything but the teacher which allows you to get on with pupil skills development.

Flexible Lessons

The lessons are sequential, flexible and easily repeatable.


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“The introduction to skills for work programme starts the process of pupils looking at their own skills and strengths and how that relates to working life in the future... it has developed a confidence in our pupils.”

Mrs Martine Watt

Head Teacher, St Stephen’s Primary

Module One: An introduction to skills and strengths

Here pupils will understand why it is important to know what is meant by skills and strengths? 




Module Two: Understanding what makes me great

Pupils will learn the connection between their own skills and those that are needed to be a success in various different types of jobs.




Module Three: Making the most of my skills and strengths

This is the practical application of what pupils have learnt so far. They will work in teams with a competitive element. 



Fits into your work plan

Practical and enjoyable lessons that can be as long or as short as you have time for.

Planning & Reporting

Comprehensive planning and recording tool enables class teachers to easily keep up to date with their preparation and reporting. No additional workload.

Lessons Pre Planned

This programme provides everything but the teacher which allows you to get on with the skills development.

Personal Skills Log

The pupil personal skills log encourages active reflection inside the classroom and at home - keeping the conversation alive.

See for yourself Download the ISFW Media Pack
Skills for Work - Media Pack
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“I feel this was really relevant to their age and stage... It really allowed some of my not so confident pupils to explore and discuss their own personal skills. I think it is excellent for raising their self-esteem. I would definitely use this again.”


Cumbernauld Primary School

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