Curriculo Conversations give participants the opportunity to discuss their leadership and career management learning journey with like-minded individuals in a supportive and practical 1 hour online session.

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Many of our learners have told us how much they appreciate the down to earth, practical nature of learning with us, so we thought we would try to do something about that to continue to help them to learn but in a less formal way, compared to our other programmes and courses. 

We are introducing ‘Curriculo Conversations’ where you can join us to learn, share your experiences and ask your questions about your leadership learning journey so far and how you are managing your career too.

Whether you are an aspiring leader or someone who wishes to sharpen their leadership skills and strengths, you are welcome to join.

Equally if you are just starting out on your career journey or looking to shift a gear or change direction, we can support you along the way.

We will run four conversations per month covering leadership issues and challenges and career management issues and challenges.

There will always be two leadership sessions on alternate weeks and two career management sessions following the same pattern. 

We will advertise our sessions on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram and on our platform.

We will limit the number who can join the conversation to 10 and each conversation will cost you less than the price of two cups of coffee - €7


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You will have the chance to ask questions, discuss scenarios and hear from others who have experience of managing and leading others. 

Each conversation will last up to 1 hour and will be hosted on google meetings. 

Each time we host a conversation we will introduce a different scenario.

Our aim is to keep the conversations authentic, practical and focused on your needs. To that end, we will also offer you the opportunity to suggest topics for future conversations – you can submit these through our website.

We will run the sessions initially on

Wednesday 5-6pm UK (Evening)

Thursday    7–8am UK (Morning)

Leadership Conversations

These conversations will be hosted on a Thursday morning between 7-8am UK time and they will include topics such as:

  • Jan 25th: Leadership v Management – what is the difference, and does it matter?

  • Feb 8th: What is successful leadership – what does it look like

  • Feb 22nd: What is your personal leadership style?

  • Mar 7th: Bringing your authentic self to the leadership table

  • Mar 21st: Building and managing & leading successful teams

  • Apr 4th: Performance management 

Career Journey Conversations

These conversations will be hosted on a Wednesday evening between 5-6pm UK time and will include topics such as:

  • Jan 17th: Managing your career with PIE

  • Jan 31st: Developing a PDP

  • Feb 14th: Interview skills

  • Feb 28th: Engaging with potential future employers

  • March 13th: How to make a great first impression

  • Mar 27th: Developing your network to support your career

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