We’re on a mission to support individuals, schools, colleges and universities to make sure every student has the skills to make great decisions about their future career.

The challenge that individuals and students face when entering the job market today is daunting - competition is fierce and there are relatively fewer jobs. If this is familiar to you, stop hesitating and act now... our Industry Engagement Programme is for you.

We have worked with thousands of ambitious and talented young people like you, helping them to better plan their careers, develop the relevant work readiness skills and networks that enable them to land jobs that they love.


Is your institution ready to take the next step in securing a skills development programme to support your student's careers?

Our passion, skills and expertise have allowed us the opportunity to work with many institutions to help their students transition into the workplace better equipped to meet employers needs. Take action and talk to us about enhancing your students learning experience and career prospects whilst studying.

Kick start your career

Students: Kick start your career now!

Still studying? Make sure you don't leave things too late. Take control of your future right now and fulfil your ambition in 5 easy steps

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Improve pupils confidence and resilience

Schools: Prepare your pupils for their future

Lay the foundations for 10-14 year olds by helping them to understand the importance of knowing their skills and strengths and how these relate to future study and work

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Ensure your students follow a path to a career aligned to their ambition.

Universities and colleges: Improve your reputation

Prepare your students for their engagement with work regardless of their chosen sector. Help them to make the right decisions with clarity and a sense of purpose and watch while employers rate your students above others.

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“The Curriculo Industry Engagement Programme provides an engaging way for our students to sharpen their own brand, develop their leadership skills and gain the confidence to succeed in their life after university.”
Luke Millard
Director, Education Development Service, Birmingham City University
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