The Curriculo Solutions Pharmacy Leadership Programme (PLP) 


Developing and enhancing the role of the pharmacist or pharmaceutical scientist as a global healthcare leader



This programme has been awarded the FIP SEAL and is approved by the Institute of Leadership

Course Introduction 


Programme Information 

The Curriculo Solutions Pharmacy Leadership Programme (PLP) is designed to give pharmacy and pharmaceutical scientist professionals the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to drive the 'pharmacist as leader' agenda. 

As part of the provisions and partnership programme, this Pharmacy Leadership Programme has been awarded the FIP SEAL in recognition of the suitability of content and learning provided for a diverse group of pharmacy and pharmaceutical scientist colleagues. The programme is also approved by The Institute of Leadership offering learners certification and Institute membership.


Who will benefit from this learning?

In line with FIP Development goal 6 - Leadership Development;

Pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists working anywhere in the world and in all sectors of professional provision and specialist areas including academics, research, industry or clinical practice in hospital or community settings. 

Early career;- Leadership as a distributed concept; this programme prepares those with little or no line management responsibility for managing and leading others. The overall aim is to help you to engage and lead more effectively within teams and be seen as a leadership role model by colleagues, patients  and customers, both external and internal. 

Advanced & Specialist;- The Pharmacy Leadership Programme helps to develop those already in leadership positions to challenge what they already know and believe about their own leadership styles and leadership in general. This area of focus is designed to help such leaders determine what their department or organisation culture needs to be. Is leadership in your area of responsibility more about who you are, is it where you operate, is it about results, is it about how you lead or are all of these important? Where should the focus be? Supporting leaders to bring personal and organisational values to life;


Learning content

Delivered to suit the needs of the learner cohort (Intake specific) with more specialised subject matter for experienced leaders, for example - challenging definitions of leadership and the assumptions about what leadership actually is or should be in your organisation in order to help you to lead at a higher level.

In general, across all cohorts, we will develop your self-awareness levels and build your Emotional Intelligence (E.Q.). We will discuss management versus leadership, leadership styles, identifying your preferred style and what that means, style flexibility, assessing line reports development levels, enhancing professional leadership communications, creating high performing teams, feedback and conducting difficult conversations, performance management, crisis leadership and working in multidisciplinary or 'flash' teams, using exemplary leadership components of Modelling, Inspiring, Challenging, Encouraging and Enabling.


Learning Delivery

Diagnostic questionnaires are used as pre-programme preparation for example to provide learners with personal leadership styles reports.

Learning is fun and highly interactive with discussions and references to pharmacy based case studies.

This programme has two options for delivery:

Delivered as a series of online events involving  1 x 1 hour Introductory session plus 6 x 2 hour module delivery sessions. You will participate with an intake of other learners. The next start date is on the 12th January 2024.

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Price - €300

Delivered as a face to face class based event over two days for teams or departments. This can be delivered either on site or off site to suit your requirements. Ideally, a group size of between 6 to 12 learners works well for face to face delivery however we are always willing to accommodate your needs.

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PLP Insights

If you are unsure about signing up for the PLP, why not try one or more of our PLP INSIGHTS Sessions?

The Insights sessions last for 45 minutes and give you an opportunity to engage with our online tutor, ask questions and experience the type of content and learning provided in the PLP.

For the price of five Euros, you can make an informed decision whether the PLP is right for you and the best part? - Your fee for the Insights sessions is redeemable as a discount towards the PLP. 

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