Changing the narrative for pharmacy leadership training - A new way to build your skills and confidence

Build your skills and confidence.

Develop the leadership skills you need for work and enhance your career prospects.


Pharmacy Leadership development has been identified globally as an important part of professional competence referenced in both foundational and advanced competency development frameworks for pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists.

We have two programmes to support your development needs;

The Curriculo Pharmacists for the Future Programme (PFP) helps translate this into working practice for newly qualified pharmacists and helps them to navigate more effectively a route toward fulfilling their career aspirations. 

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PFP Approved by the FIP

The Curriculo Solutions Pharmacists for the Future programme has the FIP Seal Award

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The Curriculo Pharmacy Leadership Programme (PLP) focuses on developing exemplary leadership skills based on 'best practice' principles. Content flexibility allows delivery of meaningful development for aspiring, new and existing managers / leaders.

PLP Approved by the FIP

The Curriculo Solutions Pharmacy Leadership programme has the FIP Seal Award

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Why invest in the Curriculo Pharmacists for the Future Programme now?

An investment in the PFP now is an investment in your future. Competition is tough with more Pharmacy graduates than ever before chasing fewer positions and you need to stand out from the crowd. You must be able to differentiate yourself from everyone else with the same degree or qualification - The Curriculo PFP will show you how.

The PFP has been developed by Curriculo Solutions, a highly experienced training company based in the UK in consultation with experts and students from institutions across the UK. 

The skills you need in five carefully curated digital modules. Each module supported by an online workshop led by one of the Curriculo team.


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Jung- Eun Sohn, MPharm, Brighton University; Currently foundation year training at East Surrey Hospital.

"There were lots of light bulb moments"


Vivien Yu, MPharm, Robert Gordon University; Currently foundation year training 

"The programme has allowed me to look ahead and plan my future career."

“Myself and the team have found the course incredibly useful in terms of both individual development and also to build an effective team culture, breaking down some of the barriers of job roles and qualifications and developing the teams understanding of individual personality types. This understanding has then allowed us to consider adapting our behaviours to ensure we function as a successful team. The consultation skills learnt in the programme are aiding our teams to communicate more effectively with both colleagues and patients. Some of our pre-reg pharmacist students who undertook the course found the STAR technique particularly useful and timely, when applying for their band 6 positions, and have all been offered jobs (which I am sure comes down to their high-level performance at interviews thanks to the course)."


Liz Street
Elisabeth Street
Clinical Director of Pharmacy /Trust Controlled Drugs Accountable Officer - Calderdale & Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust
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The Curriculo Solutions Pharmacy Leadership Programme (PLP)

Designed to give pharmacy and pharmaceutical scientist professionals the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to drive the 'pharmacist as leader' agenda. 


Get ahead of the crowd with the Pharmacists for the Future Programme

Build your pharmacy career plan with the right networks, the right experiences and the right qualifications.


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Why invest in the Curriculo Pharmacy Leadership Programme?

Leadership is a potentially contested topic with a variety of definitions and understandings. How we frame and define 'leadership' has implications for the recruitment and development of leaders and how their performance is measured and rewarded. What does 'good' or 'effective' leadership actually mean in your world?

This programme challenges your thinking about what leadership means to you and your organisational context and develops your level of self-awareness and skills enabling you to consciously assess the needs of those who follow you and decide how directive or supportive your leadership style should be across different tasks, scenarios and with different people.

Underpinning our exploration of leadership, is the notion that Emotional Intelligence (E.Q.) is a critical component of efficacy. Having well defined skills of self-awareness, self, management, social awareness and relationship management skills is what sets exceptional leaders apart from their contemporaries. In fact research indicates that individuals with high I.Q.'s and lower E.Q. levels, often end up in organisations working for people with lower I.Q.'s and higher E.Q.'s.

This programme will give you the knowledge and skills to demonstrate leadership ability regardless of your experience level or function with pharmacy or pharmaceutical science practice.

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