We support the whole education spectrum, providing resources for schools, professional development programmes for university business schools and programmes for career-minded undergraduates and postgraduates.

Industry Engagement Programme

5 modules of self-directed learning, with or without a scheduled online workshop at the end of each module. 

The learning within the IEP has been developed and curated to ensure learners are able to discover their leadership and career management skills. This is an excellent foundation for aspiring business and entrepreneurial graduates.

Our learners have a better sense of self-awareness, have the knowledge and know how to build a professional network, can navigate the interview process and successfully manage their career aspirations.

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Giving students the ability to take control of their career journey

Transitioning from Education to Work

For business schools:
Supports your employability strategy

This professional training programme will prepare your students, giving them confidence and skills to successfully enter the work place, when the time comes.

For students:
Makes you different

Demonstrates your commitment beyond academic qualification to prospective students home or international and their parents - giving you the edge over your competitors.

Meets student expectations

A blended learning programme to supplement academic study - connecting students with like-minded individuals and enabling peer to peer learning.

Simple and affordable

Self-directed and module specific online workshops will enhance students skills and at an affordable price.

Luke Millard
“The support and enthusiasm of the Curriculo team has resulted in the formation of a real partnership that will significantly benefit our students as we move forward“. 
Luke Millard
Director, Education Development Service, Birmingham City University
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Introduction to Skills For Work

We worked in collaboration with teachers and academics to produce a set of resources to help teachers to plan, deliver and report the class sessions focused on introducing the development of 'skills for work'.

These resources are aimed at primary age pupils around 10-12  years old. Pupils who complete this programme will have a better sense of  what it means to have skills and strengths, they will be able to identify skills and strengths in their classmates and will have a better understanding of the link between industry or sector, jobs and the skills required to do them.

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Graeme Young
The lessons contained in the Curriculo Solutions modules are an integral part of Cathedral’s whole-school "Developing the Young Workforce" programme, helping Primary 6 and 7 pupils recognise their skills and strengths and how these relate to the world of work. Even at this early stage, it’s vital we prepare our young learners for the future by developing their knowledge and understanding of what is required for different jobs and career paths. Curriculo Solutions helps us achieve this through the programme’s pre-planned lessons, practical activities and personal skills log. Curriculo Solutions is well worth the investment!
Graeme Young
Head Teacher at Cathedral Primary School, Motherwell
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