The Curriculo IEP helps learners to take control of their future career


This easily accessible online programme empowers learners enabling them to plan their future with confidence and clarity.

Instant confidence

The IEP will help students to overcome their concerns and build their skills and confidence so that they can make a smoother transition into work.

Designed by experts

The IEP course is designed by experts who know what graduates and employers need. 

Learn your way

There are two options:

1. Totally self-directed with no tutor input

2. Self-directed learning supported by Curriculo tutor led online workshops

Get ready for life after graduation

Fully comprehensive course to prepare you for the world beyond study enabling you to 'hit the ground running.'

Understand how you add value

Explore what your skills and strengths are which will enable you to articulate the value you can add to a future employer.

Team Work

Learn about and understand the natural role you play in a team allowing you to use your strengths in the work environment.

Find your place

Research the organisation and the role you want to be in in five years so that you know where you are going and what you need to know to get there.

Career Plan

Build your 5 year career plan so that you are ready for all eventualities and make sure you achieve your ambition.

The IEP is available to buy in two options.

IEPThe IEP online consists of 5 modules (50 hours of self- directed learning) which are available to take on our Curriculo Learning Management System (LMS) at any time.




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IEP+The IEP Plus consists of the same 5 modules (50 hours of self-directed learning) as above PLUS you will will learn as a cohort with other online users and be supported by a Curriculo tutor through 6 x 1 hour online workshops and an online chat group.


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All you need to know about you ...

MODULE 1: The science of team working and a personal skills audit

Module one is a journey of self-discovery which will help you to understand yourself better and how others may perceive you and vice-versa. All within the context of work.

We also begin to explore longer-term thinking around career management skills - what you need to know to enable you to start this journey. As a result you will be better able to consider your personal work and career interests and the value that they can add to a potential employer.






MODULE 2: Aligning personal ambition with employer needs, the importance of professional networking and cultural awareness 

Module two builds understanding of the need to plan your career while considering exactly what employers look for in the context of skills for work.

You will learn the benefits of professional networking as a practice to identify and remove potential barriers to career and job prospect opportunities. Cultural awareness aims to prepare employees to be global citizens.



MODULE 3: Effective communication for business and building a personal profile that appeals to employers

Module three builds on self-awareness and understanding of strengths, limitations, ambitions and employer needs.

This will develop your communication skills, help you to identify barriers to effective communication and prepare you to confidently articulate the benefits that you bring to a potential employer both in writing and face-to-face. This relies on you being able to create your personal brand image and demonstrating this through your words, behaviours and actions.



MODULE 4: Selling yourself at interview 

Module four helps you to develop your understanding of interview skills and techniques as well as prepare you to  articulate the benefits that your skills set brings to a potential employer.

This module will help you stand out before, during and after the job selection process.


MODULE 5: Personal career plan - where you want to get to, how to get there and with whom ...

Module five consolidates learning from the programme and helps you to create a career plan which serves as a route map to ensure that you achieve your short, medium and longer-term career goals and ambitions.

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The Institute Of Leadership & Management

Many of the Curriculo Solutions key programmes have been independently verified as world-class, by The Institute of Leadership & Management.

We are Institute Approved!




"I thought my degree would speak for itself but it seems everyone has one! I was sceptical about the cost but it was worth it. The session on team roles at the start and the brand matrix have really helped me to prepare for and feel confident in job interviews".


Graduate Joint Honours Economics and Finance, Strathclyde University, Glasgow

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