Let Curriculo Solutions support your workforce development with our programmes and courses covering leadership, commercial and coaching skills

Work with us and utilise our expertise to bring to life the theories and models of these capabilities in a way that supports your teams and your ROI, using a methodology that suits you.

Bespoke course design to meet your workforce development needs and your budget.

Our experienced training team is here to work with you to deliver courses using a combination of face to face training, online learning and one to one coaching.

We have ready made packages that may suit you but generally prefer to work with you and your identified training needs to develop bespoke course that are centred on our three main areas of delivery:

  • Leadership Skills Development

  • Commercial Skills Development

  • Coaching Skills Development

Below you will find a summary of what we offer
in each of these areas:

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Emerging Leaders Programme

This is a programme for new and aspiring line managers and leaders. This programme covers the basics including leadership style, managing and developing teams and individuals and conflict management. 

Essential Skills for 21st Century Leaders - People, Change & Negotiation

This is a programme covering the theory and practical application of leadership capability, managing change and negotiation skills. 

Leading with Harmony, Purpose, &  Values 

This programme is suitable for middle or senior managers and leaders who want to take their skills development to the next level. Our practical approach to this enables participants to understand the practicalities, the benefits and the ROI of developing these skills. 

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Key Account Management Skills

Learn the basics of Key Account Management - What is a Key Account? How to influence, and manage key accounts. Develop the skills required to successfully manage these accounts in a way that will pay dividends to the business.

Professional Selling Skills

This course will give the learner a good foundation to understand how to effectively approach a selling situation using a simple model. Attention will be paid to the psychology of selling and the skills required by a professional sales person.

Negotiation Skills

Understanding key negotiation steps is important to those involved in the process. Building the skills to help effectively execute a negotiation is imperative to success. 

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Coaching Skills

This course introduces the learner to the GROW model for coaching with easy to understand theory and practical steps for engagement. This can be delivered fully as self directed e-learning, through online or face to face workshops or a blend of each.


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The Institute Of Leadership & Management

Many of the Curriculo Solutions key programmes have been independently verified as world-class, by The Institute of Leadership & Management.

We are Institute Approved!


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"Working with Curriculo is a very positive experience. Their practical approach to develop our staff leadership capability through the emerging leaders programme has been great. What started as a single programme for a handful of our leaders has turned into a full roll out for all staff with people responsibility. David has been flexible and professional in his approach, at all times. I look forward to continuing our relationship. "

John Proctor

Director of Operations, Intergen

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