Whether your organisation is about generating profit for shareholders or is a non-profit or third sector operation - selling, negotiating & managing key accounts is important for success

Explore how we can help you with these commercial skills -  we can support you to ensure your teams are the best at what they do.



Digital Programmes - self-directed e-learning

You can access our digital content and use it either as a standalone intervention to support your training needs or use it alongside your own training content to do so. Our e-learning programmes can also be used as a precursor to classroom based intensive training and as a post workshop self-reflection activity to help to embed the skills within daily practice.



Classroom training programmes to support your teams capabilities

We will work with you to either deliver one of our programmes or build something bespoke for you. We will always contextualise skills and behaviours according to your business environment.

We can support your organisation to build excellent commercial capabilities to support your strategic goals.

These three programmes will help you to establish a common language in your business, ensuring that relevant people in your team are well prepared and able to confidently sell to your customers, end-users, or clients and to manage and negotiate transactions, be they in pursuit of financial, social or other goals.

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Professional Selling Skills

Understand what professional selling is and use a sales model to help customers or clients to recognise the key benefits of your product, service or proposition.

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Key Account Management

Knowing which accounts to focus on and how to make the right decisions is key to managing your business effectively and efficiently.

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Negotiation Skills

This programme will enable learners to approach a negotiating situation with confidence. We take learners through a stepped approach to preparing, executing and finalising their negotiations.  

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Course information

The Curriculo Solutions Professional Selling Skills Programme is designed to introduce the concept of professional sales. 

Professional selling is not about coercing customers or clients, it is about consulting, listening and helping to relate key aspects of your product or service to needs and benefits for the end user

Key learning points include;

  • Understanding what professional selling is and is not!

  • Introduction to a professional sales model

  • Employing the sales model - key skills and behaviours required at each stage of model application

  • Understanding what customer / client objections are

  • Recognising different types of objection and how to handle each appropriately

  • Identifying your personal selling style and how to modify

  • Understanding the importance of self-reflection

  • Using a self-analysis toolkit to assess self and others application of the sales model and skills

    This programme can be delivered as an e-learning introductory event involving 4 x 2 hour sessions or as a face-to-face event with contextualisation and skills practice with feedback and coaching. 

Key Account Manager Vacancy in Newspaper. Job Search Concept.

Course Information

The Curriculo Solutions Key Account Management Programme is designed to help understanding around the need for and how to prioritise the time you spend with customers or clients. 

Key learning points include;

  • What constitutes a 'Key Account or client'?

  • Excellent customer service is a right of every customer however Key Accounts / Clients need special attention - what does this actually mean?

  • Understanding 'sequential selling'.

  • Creating the 'differentiation' factor 

  • Acting as a 'Consultant'

  • Identifying 'Intangible' and 'Tangible' needs

    This programme can be delivered as an e-learning event as 1 x 2 hour  session primarily for those who already have selling skills training or experience. Alternatively, this programme can be added as an additional half day face to face session for learners opting for our class based Professional Selling Skills Programme (See above).

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Course Information

The Curriculo Solutions Negotiation Skills Programme gives learners the fundamental skills, beahviours and process elements needed to plan, manage and confidently deliver negotiations.

'Haggling and Negotiating' – What’s the difference? Understanding what negotiation is AND is not. Introduction to a process / model for negotiation. ‘Building & maintaining rapport – a foundation for every successful negotiation’.  The language of negotiation -“If you want a Guinea Pig then you start by asking for a Pony”.

Key learning points include;

  • Defining Negotiation

  • The five negotiation strategies relative to degree of assertiveness and degree of cooperation

  • A model for negotiating - A five step process model

  • Understand the goals of each step of the model and skills required

  • Recognising the games people play in negotiations

  • Understanding the impact of 'social styles' on negotiations

  • Team negotiations

This programme can be delivered as an e-learning event consisting of 7 x 2 Hour sessions however it is ideally delivered as a class based event over two intensive days or three days to suit your requirements. Classroom based learning gives delegates the opportunity to practice their new skills in simulated scenarios in a fun learning situation.

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