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An Introduction to Skills for Work is a skills based learning programme for young people around the ages of 10-14 years old. Its aim is to teach them to understand what a ‘skill’, a ‘strength’ or a ‘personal quality’ is and how these may be used in the future for work

This Programme will develop confidence and resilience in your pupils whilst helping them to understand what skills and strengths are and how these are considered at work.

The programme was developed by a group of experienced teachers who know too well how busy life as a teacher is and so we have developed a programme for you which is simple to follow and provides everything but you!

This programme initiates the process in the development of 'Career Management Skills'. These have been described as:

‘The skills,knowledge and self awareness to develop aspirational career aims and the confidence to take actions in one’s life, time and again, as career opportunities arise and as work and learning options change.’Education Scotland, Building the Curriculum 4

Since 2004, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the European Commission and the World Bank has promoted the benefits of all young people developing career management skills.

This learning forms a part of a broader skills development agenda which aims to empower young people to understand more about themselves and their strengths. These skills are recognised internationally as a series of competencies or capabilities which will assist young people in their learning, life and work.

It should be highlighted that these competencies can be developed anywhere – at home, at school, college or university or on the sports field. Generally they include:


Things a young person knows.


Things a young person can do.


Ways a young person feels and behaves

This Introduction to Skills for Work Programme addresses these in the 3 modules:

Module 1:  An introduction to skills and strengths.

Module 2:  Understanding what makes me great.

Module 3:  Making the most of my skills and strengths.

The lessons within each module are sequential as well as being flexible and easily repeatable if you need to do so.

Pupils will be encouraged to take their work home and to include their parents and guardians in their discussions.

Our aim is to build their confidence and resilience in knowing who they are and what skills and strengths make them who they are. We also relate skills and strengths to the workplace giving an early look at how these help people make career choices and how skills and strengths enable people to do their jobs. This work will lay the foundations for further development in secondary and tertiary education. We believe that working with young people in this way will build everlasting skills and strengths that will enable and empower them to make better and more appropriate decisions.

The total programme package includes:

Curriculo Planning and Reporting document containing: Objectives, Learning Intentions and Experiences and Outcomes

Teacher/Coach lesson plans, this includes: Activities, resources and assessment and evaluation 

Personal Skills Log Book: in both a downloadable/ soft copy format or print off format.

Parents Guide: An introductory communication for parents/guardians.


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