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Improve pupils confidence and resilience whilst building their knowledge and understanding of skills for work.


The Curriculo Introduction to Skills for Work Programme

Why you need this Programme in your school

Easy to Integrate

Simple to implement - comprehensive planning and reporting tool making life as a class teacher easier. No additional workload, everything is provided.

Engaging content

Sparks interest from your pupils straight away and holds it. The lessons are sequential, flexible and easily repeatable.

Rounded Reflection
Our pupil personal skills log encourages active reflection inside the classroom and at home. This lays the foundations for further development in secondary and tertiary education.
Wider needs

Enhances the core curriculum by developing valuable skills alongside literacy, numeracy and by encouraging reluctant learners participation.

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Help your pupils understand what makes them great?

Practical, flexible and enjoyable lessons that help your pupils understand their unique qualities.

“The Introduction to Skills for Work programme starts the process of pupils looking at their own skills and strengths and how that relates to working life in the future... it has developed a confidence in our pupils.”
Martine Watt
Head Teacher, St Stephen’s Primary
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