The Curriculo Leadership Programmes offer you and your team the opportunity to hone your skills, whether you or someone in your team is an aspiring or existing supervisor, manager or leader, we can support to develop competence at any level

Our experience tells us that the skills of managing & leading people do not exist in isolation. Having responsibility for people means knowing when and how to be a manager and when and how to be a leader. Theories & models are useful, but being able to adapt your style takes practice and careful consideration. Our programmes will make you a better leader and manager every time!


Integrity, Vision & Effectiveness

Find out all you need to know about your personal style & competence levels and then start to make conscious decisions about leading and managing your team in ways that support delivery of organisational Vision, Mission & Objectives. 


How do you maximise engagement of employees?

Disengaged employees are unproductive, unhappy and contribute to attrition rates. Managers & leaders are pivotal in setting & maintaining the engagement climate and the creation & retention of high performing employees and teams.

We can support your organisation on its journey to build & develop Management & Leadership Capability ...

These three programmes can help you to establish a common language in your business, ensuring that your leaders are well prepared and able to use skills and behaviours that demonstrate learning and contribute to higher efficiency, effectiveness and ultimately return on your investment. 

Emerging Leaders Programme

Building a strong foundation in essential Management & Leadership understanding is the hallmark of this programme. Recognising when & how to lead and when & how to manage individuals and teams' is the first step to becoming proficient and ultimately successful in this arena.

Essential Skills for 21st century leaders - People, Change and Negotiation

Through a series of lectures/plenaries and small group workshops, we combine the understanding of the process elements of change & negotiation with the 'soft skills' requirements to manage & lead and turn the models and theories into practice.

Leading with Harmony, Purpose &  Values

Establishing, creating, changing or enhancing the leadership culture and climate at team level, department level or organisational level. This programme challenges your thinking and helps you to define the requirements for leading with Harmony, Purpose & Values. 

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Course information

The Curriculo Solutions emerging leaders programme (ELP) offers training support for aspiring supervisors, managers/leaders with the overall aim of helping them to engage more effectively with their teams, colleagues and customers, both external and internal. This people leadership development will have a positive impact on the delegates working environment.

The programme (ELP) is designed to focus on the key management and leadership skills needed. It will enhance managers & supervisors’ people skills and performance management capabilities and bring personal and organisational values to life;

The programme is designed to help delegates to “get the job done” through willing commitment of individuals. The style of training is very much interactive and practical – allowing rapid and beneficial transfer of usable skills into the workplace.
The programme content is shaped and informed by best practice and up to date thinking, models and concepts around managing and leading.

Key learning points include;

  • Distinguishing between leadership and management

  • Recognising  own leadership style Identify and understand various approaches in leading and developing others

  • Employing key competencies of visioning, aligning, delegation, motivating and inspiring others

  • Using an “Emotional Intelligence Map” toolkit to engage and lead your team

  • Recognising effective approaches to teamwork

  • Understanding how teams develop

  • Using a Team Leadership template (toolkit) to diagnose & repair team faults and build effective teamwork principles

  • Developing people & manage performance – including underperformance options and processes

  • Recognising effective leadership communication in the workplace & understand common barriers to communication

  • Applying assertiveness techniques to create win/win communication

  • Using a communication toolkit to manage difficult behaviour professionally

  • Understanding the importance of feedback, (developmental and performance - constructive challenge), as an integral part of communication for performance and motivation – making people accountable

This programme can be delivered as a remote event involving 5 x 2 hour sessions via MSTeams / Google Meetings or can be delivered as a class based event over two days.

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Course Information

The Curriculo Solutions Essential skills for 21st Century leaders,- People, Change and Negotiation offers training support to help those interested in or tasked with managing and leading change.

Theories and processes are important but success is dependant upon change agents having well developed self-awareness, and leadership and soft-skills abilities.

Key learning points include;

  • ‘Bringing Leadership to life’ - understanding basic theories of leadership and how they relate to time and context. Understanding of how to adapt personal leadership style to suit a variety of situations & communicating effectively as a leader

  • 'Haggling and Negotiating' – What’s the difference? Understanding what negotiation is AND is not. Introduction to a process / model for negotiation. ‘Building & maintaining rapport – a foundation for every successful negotiation’.  The language of negotiation -“If you want a Guinea Pig then you start by asking for a Pony”.

  • 'Personal insights from a change agent' - types of change experienced in business. Review of key change theories and models. Managing and leading change – basic but important insights’. 'Cracking the code of change – people matter most’

This programme can be delivered as a remote event over 3 seperate days involving 1 x 2 hour plenary session morning of each day plus 2 x 2 hour sessions in theafternoon via MSTeams / Google Meetings or can be delivered as a class based event over three days.

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Course Information

The Curriculo Solutions Leading with Harmony, Purpose & Values Programme (HPV) offers training support for managers/leaders looking to take their leadership to the next level and those with a desire or need to set the leadership culture within their team, department or the wider organisation.

The course consists of two workshops (Modules) and the overall aim is to help learners to engage with leadership research to raise their levels of leadership knowledge, raise self-awareness and inform their leadership practice. Ultimately, the programme will produce personal insights which will act as a catalyst for re-invigorating or introducing the case for authentic leadership based on achieving harmony while delivering their organisations objectives and adhering to value sets.

Key learning points include;

  • Defining Harmony Leadership

  • Analyse and critique of Leadership Time and Context models & how they relate to research theories

  • Analyse and critique different approaches to leadership as Person, Results, Process or Position

  • Understand the potential impact (Limitations & Possibilities) of different leadership approaches

  • Use critical reflective learning to refocus your personal leadership compass

  • Recognise leadership power and the relationship aspect of being a leader

  • Develop personal & organisational approaches to align values with key leadership practices of Modelling, Inspiring, Challenging, Enabling and Encouraging

  • Understand the importance of relationships with followers

  • Reflect on your ‘preferred’ leadership style and be able to act with intentionality to achieve Harmony Leadership

  • Improve your leadership communication through feedback, disclosure and awareness of Transactional Analysis

  • The role of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

This programme is ideally delivered as a class based event over two intensive days or three days to suit your requirements.

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